Meet the Team

Learn more about Dr. Toy and her team.

Meet the Team

Learn more about Dr. Toy
and her team.


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Dr. Doreen Toy, DDS

I am a Bay Area native — I received my degree in Biology at San Jose State University. Afterwards, I finished dental school at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco and lived for 10 years in San Francisco.

I am married and have two little boys, who are 5 (almost 6!) and 3. We moved away from San Francisco because our adorable one bedroom apartment was just a little too small for our family of four. We now live on the same street I grew up on, down the street from my mom and dad.

Family is very important to me. I look forward to my Fridays off, when I get "time in" with my 3-year-old in the morning and we pick up food for the 5-year-old and meet him at school for lunch! We have extended family dinners twice a week. We are really lucky and both grandmas are awesome chefs.

In my spare time I enjoy photography, eating out, and playing video games.

As a dentist, my background is in public health. I enjoy working with kids, adults, and the elderly. I have a lot of experience working with teeth that are severely compromised and have seen teeth in almost every state imaginable. I strongly believe that dental decay and gum disease is largely preventable and try very hard to educate patients so we can stabilize existing disease and hopefully prevent future problems. In general, I tend to be very conservative in my treatment recommendations.

I believe that every person is different and special. Everyone should be comfortable and informed when they make decisions regarding their health and their body. It is important to me that each patient is ready for the treatment before we begin.

Is there something else you would like to know about? Come in, hang out, and chat for a while. Feel free to set up a consultation and put in the notes that you just want to say "Hi!" — I would be glad to meet you.

Cheryl, Registered Dental Hygienist

Cheryl, our gentle gum therapist, can get your teeth the cleanest they've ever been. She will also give you the direction that can take your oral hygiene program one step further—to achieve the maximum efficiency from your home care—so you can reach your personal best.

Mireya, Dental Assistant

Mireya will make you as comfortable as possible while serving as an extra pair of hands for Dr. Toy. She will see that OSHA guidelines are met or exceeded to guarantee you state-of-the-art safety that is uncompromising, including sterilization of all instruments and unsurpassed procedures for infection control.

Liz, Insurance Coordinator

Liz will schedule your appointments, keep your file up-to-date, and take care of your insurance claims. You will always be informed on the insurance coverage for each dental treatment, no surprises.